Virtual Playtesting runs two playtesting events every Monday and Thursday.

  • Event #1 starts at 6pm UK time / 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific.

  • Event #2 starts at 6pm Eastern / 5pm Central / 4pm Mountain / 3pm Pacific.

While anyone around the world can join any event, Event #1 tends to have more Europeans and event #2 tends to have more North Americans. New games start when there are enough players in the lobby. Each event goes for as long as players are around — drop in when you’re free and leave whenever you need to! There’s no set end time, so as long as people have games to play, game on!

To convert into any time zone on the planet, use

You are always welcome to join a voice chat in the #lobby voice channel, ask questions in the #ask-questions channel, or text chat in the #general channel.

Join us!