It’s Virtual Playtesting’s first contest!

We’re here to celebrate our amazing, talented community, and we’d like to see what you can come up with!

Who is allowed to enter?

Any person who has playtested their entry in the Virtual Playtesting Discord server during the 4 weeks of creation time may enter. Limit one entry per person. You may not enter a game if:

  • It has been published or picked up to be published
  • It has been entered in a previous Virtual Playtesting contest within the past year.
  • You are not comfortable having your game seen by the public on a live stream
  • It has any offensive / NSFW content

How much does it cost to enter?

It’s absolutely free to enter.

What are the prizes?

Finalists will have their game live-streamed in December 2020 on the Virtual Playtesting Twitch channel.

Finalists will also get a special role in the Virtual Playtesting Discord server – show off the flair!

What is the deadline?

The length of the contest will be split into the following sections:

Game Creation: deadline: November 26, 2020
Finalist Voting: November 28 – November 30
Arranging Live Stream Schedule: December 2 – December 4
Live streaming: December 6 – December 12
Voting for the winner: December 14 – December 17

What’s the theme?

For this contest: Conveyor Belts.

Conveyor Belts are set paths that move any number of objects put onto it. Make a game that includes these as one of its main mechanics. Most people think of factories when thinking about conveyor belts, but there are also in many other locations. They are in the checkout of a grocery store. They help people move quickly through airports. In older times, you could even think of rivers as a type of conveyor belt given to us my nature.

Who are the judges?


Judges rubric

  • Gameplay
    • Enjoyment of the game – 30 points
      • Overall, did we have a good time when playing the game. Everything can be the best in all other areas, but the most important part is the fun.
    • Rules clarity – 10 points
      • We should be able to understand the basic game loop by the time the game starts. Have you thought about all of your edge cases that may come up during the game?
    • Flow of the game – 10 points
      • A game can be short or long, fast paced or slow and thinky. Neither is punished. The flow of the game should be appropriate for what it is. Players should avoid the question of is it my turn yet or is this game almost finished.
  • Visual
    • Overall look – 10 points
      • We are NOT looking for a visually complete game and we are NOT grading you on your artistic skill. What we are asking for is pitch ready visuals. Would you present this to a publisher at this point? Does it convey what the game could be?
    • Visual Clarity – 10 points
      • When looking at a game component, can I quickly and clearly understand its significance in the game? Is the player area and main board arranged in a way that I can understand what is important to make an informed choice?
    • Table Presence – 5 points
      • An understated value in a game is its ability to draw people to the table. If I am walking by this in a convention or at a game store, I should want to sit down.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Theme Connection – 10 points
      • Are you able to deliver to us what we asked for? Did you not only have the theme be visually in the game, but also be part of the mechanics? Were you also able to deliver the theme in a way we didn’t expect?
    • Originality – 10 points
      • Originality can come from something we have never seen before, but can also come from an unexpected combination. Just because we have seen a mechanic or component before doesn’t automatically make it old.
    • The digital version – 5 points
      • This is a contest on digital designs even if the final product becomes physical. Playing board games in a digital format creates added clunkiness. Creators can also use features of the digital space to cut through this, and this is a grade on that.

Community Voting

All of the game descriptions will be posted in the #contest-voting channel with a link to a Google form for voting. Any person may vote for up to 3 games they would like to see as finalists. A judge may also personally pick a game to be put into a finalist spot and it will be marked as such for transparency. There will be 3 finalists.

Finalist Livestreaming:

All of the finalists will be contacted to see what day they would like their game to be playtested and judged. The time during the day that it will be streamed will be based around the current judges for the contest. It can be adjusted to help the creator attend with reason. The creator does not have to attend, but it is highly encouraged.

Vote for the winner!

#contest-voting will be cleared and the finalists will be posted with links to the archived live streams. There will be another google form where people can pick their top 3 picks for winner. Points will be given to those chosen by the following.

100 points for first (gold)
50 points for second (silver)
20 points for third (bronze)

The judges team will have filled out a grading rubric for each game that will be averaged with the other judges to give up to 100 points that will be multiplied by a factor of the community votes and added to the point total. Full formula and reasons given for score can be given, but in short the intended rankings are meant to be influenced half by the community and half by the judges.

How to enter

You will need the following:

  • A link to your game in Tabletop SImulator, Tabletopia,, etc.
  • Your rulebook
  • Brief description of your game (about a paragraph)
  • Screenshot(s) of your game in action
  • Your game MUST have been playtested in the Virtual Playtesting Discord server.

Once you’re ready, fill out the form to enter:


Ask in the #contest channel or e-mail Kevin Dunkelberger –